Nina R.

I decided to go back to school after having my daughter because I was so close to finishing. I only had 2 semesters left before finishing my bachelors and didn’t want to put it off in fear of never finishing.

When I went back to school my husband was also currently finishing his last two semesters. We worked out our schedules so that he could watch her while I was in class and I could take her while he was in class. It worked out well. There was only one class that ended up being at the same time and my mother in law watched her for us once a week during that class.

The biggest challenge of being a student and a mom was finding time to get everything done. Me and my husband were both in school and he was working and so it was difficult to find time to do anything as a family. I usually ended up staying up late nights to get homework done after my daughter fell asleep.

The most rewarding part about having my degree is the satisfaction of accomplishing my goal and getting it done. And now I have some education to fall back on if I ever need to find a job to support my family for any reason.

The advice I would give mothers who are considering going back to school with young children is to take advantage of night and weekend classes. It is nice to be able to leave your children with a spouse or loved one instead of paying for a sitter or a day care. It is easier to find people to help watch your children after working hours. Sometimes it gets hard, but it worth it to finish it to the end.

I was able to take a couple course online, it was convenient in the way that I could get my stuff done whenever I needed. However, it was more difficult to understand the material fully. I found it much easier to understand when I actually attended a class.

Nina R.

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