Leslie B.- Stay at Home Mom, B.B. A – Bachelor of Business Administration

It had always been a goal of mine to earn my degree. My original plan was to finish before I had children but that isn’t how it happened! After I had my first child, I debated going back to school but I knew that if I didn’t I would always regret it. I didn’t want the fact that I had a child to change my goal. Having a degree was very important to me and after having a child it became even more so.
I took mostly night classes so my husband could be home to watch our son. It wasn’t always easy. Balancing my time between school and taking care of my child was my biggest challenge. It was very hard to do any kind of homework unless he was asleep!
I was also able to take many courses online. In fact, I took my final two semesters completely online. It was so convenient for me because I could do things on my own time and schedule. I prefer traditional class settings but for my situation online classes were the best option and I’m so grateful that they were available.
The most rewarding part of having my degree is the satisfaction of completing my goal and knowing that it may benefit me in getting a job if the need arises.
If I could give other parents advice about going back to school I’d tell them: Don’t try to overdo it. Figure out how many classes you can manage and do what is best for you and your family. Taking on too much will only make an already difficult situation that much harder. Don’t give up. It may feel next to impossible but you will never regret the decision to continue your education.
Leslie B.
B.B. A – Bachelor of Business Administration

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