• Arts & Graphic Design

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    Arts & Graphic Design

    Interior Designers
    Set and Exhibit Designers
    Designers, All Other
    Music Directors and Composers
    Art Directors
    Multimedia Artists and Animators
    Commercial and Industrial Designers
    Graphic Designers
  • Business Management

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    Business Management

    Farm and Home Management Advisors
    Market Research Analysts and Marketing Managers
    Management Analysts
    Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes
    Emergency Management Directors
    Gaming Managers
    Compensation and Benefits Managers
    Construction Managers
    Training and Development Managers
    Human Resources Managers
    Business Manager
    Purchasing Managers
    Industrial Production Managers
    Financial Managers
    Fundraising Managers
    Chief Executives
    Communications, Advertising & Promotions Managers
    General Business Managers and Operations Managers
    Business and Marketing Managers
  • Business Other

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    Business Other

    Statistical Assistants
    Proofreaders and Copyeditors
    Desktop Publishers
    Sales Engineers
    Sales Representatives Technical and Scientific Products
    Financial Services Sales Agents
    Financial Specialists
    Tax Examiners and Collectors
    Credit Counselors
    Financial Examiners
    Insurance Underwriters
    Personal Financial Advisors
    Auto Insurance Appraisers
    Financial Analysts
    Credit Analysts
    Budget Analysts
    Accountants and Auditors
    Training and Development Specialists
    Compensation, Benefits, & Job Analysts
    Event Planners – Event Management
    Cost Estimators and Cost Engineers
    Compliance Officers
  • Education, Training and Library

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    Education, Training and Library

    Secondary School Teacher – Career/Technical Education
    Education, Training, and Library Workers, All Other
    Instructional Coordinators
    Library Technicians
    Literacy Teachers and Instructors
    Museum Technicians and Conservators
    Special Education Teachers, Secondary School
    Special Education Teachers
    High School Teachers
    Middle School Career/Technical Education Teachers
    Middle School Teachers
    Elementary School Teachers
    Kindergarten Teachers
    Early Childhood Education
    Early Childhood Education Administrators
    Education Administrators
    Education Administrators, Postsecondary
    Elementary and Secondary School Administrators
  • Engineering & Technology

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    Engineering & Technology

    Urban and Regional Planners
    Architectural and Civil Drafters
    Electrical and Electronics Drafters
    Mechanical Drafters
    Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians
    Civil Engineering Technicians
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians
    Electro-Mechanical Technicians
    Industrial Engineering Technicians
    Mechanical Engineering Technicians
    Engineering Technicians
    Materials Engineers
    Petroleum Engineers
    Nuclear Engineers
    Mining and Geological Engineers
    Mechanical Engineers
    Marine Engineers and Naval Architects
    Aerospace Engineers
    Agricultural Engineers
    Biomedical Engineers
    Chemical Engineers
    Civil Engineers
    Computer Hardware Engineers
    Electrical Engineers
    Electronics Engineers
    Environmental Engineers
    Health and Safety Engineers
    Industrial Engineers
    Landscape Architects
    Architectural and Engineering Managers
  • Entertainment

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    Recreation Workers
    Theater & Television Makeup Artists
    Technical Writers
    Film and Video Editors
    Heavy Equipment Camera Operators – TV & Film
    Sound Engineering Technicians
    Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
    Broadcast Technicians
    Writers and Authors
    Public Relations Specialists
    Reporters and Correspondents
    Broadcast News Analysts
    Radio and Television Announcers
    Producers and Directors
    Film Actors, Television Actors and Thespians
    Video, Television & Radio Production
  • Health Care Practitioners

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    Health Care Practitioners

    Respiratory Therapy Technicians
    Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners
    Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists
    Medical Technicians
    Dental Hygienists
    Cardiovascular Technicians
    Sonographers and Ultrasound Technicians
    Nuclear Medicine Technologists
    Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics
    Psychiatric Technicians
    Surgical Technician
    Veterinary Technician and Vet Techs
    LPN | LVN – Licensed Practical Nurses & Licensed Vocational Nurses
    Orthotists and Prosthetists
    Health Technicians
    Occupational Health and Safety Specialists
    Athletic Trainers
    Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Workers
    Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants
    Registered Nurses
    General Dentists
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
    Dietitians and Nutritionists
    Physician Assistants
    Occupational Therapists
    Physical Therapists
    Radiation Therapists
    Recreational Therapists
    Respiratory Therapists
    Speech Pathologists
    Medical Scientists
  • Health Care Support

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    Health Care Support

    Physical Therapy Aides and PT Assistants
    Massage Therapists
    Dental Assistants
    Medical Transcriptionists
    Medical Billing and Coding
    Medical and Health Services Managers
  • Hospitality, Beauty & Personal Care

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    Hospitality, Beauty & Personal Care

    Cooks, Private Household
    Manicurists and Pedicurists
    Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists
    Residential Advisors
    Interpreters and Translators
    Food Scientists and Technologists
  • IT & Computer Science

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    IT & Computer Science

    Mathematical Science Occupations, All Other
    Mathematical Technicians
    Computer and Information Research Scientists
    Computer Systems Analysts
    Computer Programmers
    Software Developers, Applications
    Database Administrators
    Network and Computer Systems Administrators
    Computer Occupations
    Operations Research Analysts
    Software Developers & Software Engineers
    Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Legal & Protective Service

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    Legal & Protective Service

    Firefighters & Fire Captains
    Private Detectives and Investigators
    Judicial Law Clerks
    Administrative Law Judges
    Arbitrators, Mediators & Conciliators
    Judges and Magistrates
    Paralegals and Legal Assistants
    Court Reporters
    Forensic Lab Technicians
  • Science

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    Life Science Technicians
    Anthropologists & Archeologists
    Political Scientists
    Social Scientists and Related Workers
    Agricultural and Food Science Technicians
    Biological Technicians
    Chemical Technicians
    Geological and Petroleum Technicians
    Nuclear Technicians
    Social Science Research Assistants
    Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including Health
    Forest and Conservation Technicians
    Survey Researchers
    Physical Scientists
    Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health
    Biological Scientists
    Conservation Scientists
    Life Scientists, All Other
    Atmospheric and Space Scientists
    Materials Scientists
    Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists
    Biochemists and Biophysicists
    Soil and Plant Scientists
    Animal Scientists
    Environmental Technician
    Natural Sciences Managers
  • Social Work & Counseling

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    Social Work & Counseling

    Social Service Interviewers
    Therapists, All Other
    Mental Health Counselors (Psychology)
    Religious Workers, All Other
    Directors, Religious Activities and Education
    Community and Social Service Specialists
    Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists
    Health Educators
    Social Workers
    Mental Health Counselors & Substance Abuse Counselors
    Healthcare Social Workers
    Rehabilitation Counselors
    Marriage and Family Therapists
    Guidance Counselors
    Organizational Psychologists
    Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists
    Social and Community Service Managers
  • Technicians, Mechanics & Operators

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    Technicians, Mechanics & Operators

    Transportation Inspectors
    Ship Engineers
    Captains, Mates, and Pilots of Water Vessels
    Prepress Technicians and Workers
    Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers
    Signal and Track Switch Repairers
    Air Traffic Controllers
    Commercial Pilots
    Airline Pilots, Navigators & Flight Engineers
    Semiconductor Processors
    Commercial Divers
    Medical Equipment Technician
    Precision Instrument and Equipment Repairers
    Musical Instrument Repairers and Tuners
    Agricultural Inspectors
    Camera and Photographic Equipment Repairers
    Refractory Materials Repairers
    HVAC Technicians
    Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians
    Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers
    Car Electronics Installers
    Electrical and Electronics Repairers
    Commercial and Industrial Equipment Repairers
    Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers, Transportation Equipment
    Electric Motor and Power Tool Repairers
    Avionics Technicians
    Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers, Except Line Installers
    Computer, ATM & Office Machine Repairers

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