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Do Students Need Laptops?

In the current technology-fueled environment, it has become necessary that every college student have a computer, preferably, a well functioning laptop. While many students purchase their machines to keep up with social media and to watch television shows and movies online, there are plenty of other reasons that make laptops an essential tool for college.


The Case for Laptops

Some students opt to buy a desktop computer for their collegiate experience; however, those numbers are dwindling. Other students are considering purchasing a tablet as an alternative to the traditional portability of the laptop, but laptops are still the top sellers for most incoming freshmen and those returning to school to finish their degree. Let’s further examine the contenders.


Laptops vs. Desktops

While laptops and desktops have a great deal in common, the portability of the laptop is the black out punch in the battle between the tow. With a variety of laptops on the market today, students can find something that fits both their budget and their backpack. The ease of transfer of the laptop from class to library to kitchen, to work has pretty much made it the dream machine of all college students. There is however another contender; the tablet.


Laptops vs. Tablets

Laptop QWERTY keyboards are much easier and more comfortable to type on than an onscreen tablet keyboard. They feature a larger screen that is more suited for reading and writing. Their multiple ports, including USB, SD card slots and HDMI ports allow for both more storage and add on features. Laptops folded shape when closed helps to protect the valuable screen during travel. Not to mention the software options available, especially for necessary academic programs.


How College Students Can Get Laptops


With the number of benefits that college students reap from purchasing a new laptop for school, it is little wonder that this technology is becoming the must-have tool for college students. While some colleges do offer laptops to their students, most financial aid packages do not include a stipend that would cover laptop purchases. However, to help meet this growing technological requirement, many colleges and universities are partnering with computer companies and distributors to get these products in the hands of new students.


These agreements typically lay out the specific models of machines recommended for students attending the college. These requirements often include information about the speed, power and storage capabilities of the computers, and some even provide the software necessary for campus classes.


Another growing trend among colleges is to negotiate exclusive deals directly with companies such as Lenovo, Apple and Dell to provide laptops purchased through the college. These purchasing agreements offer discounts to students who opt to buy their laptop through the university, a deal that many new students, about to go into education debt, cannot resist despite the restrictions.


Students wishing to purchase their own laptops without the limitations of these college-specific deals can find plenty of other back-to-school sales and financial aid programs available to help them finance this large and important purchase. Nonprofit organizations, such as Notebooks for Students, can provide deep discounts and grants to students who need a financial boost as they begin their collegiate career.

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