What Does Our Carbon Footprint Have To Do With Job Creation? Just About Everything.

Jobs are on everyone’s mind these days. Naturally, we are searching everywhere under the sun for how to grow new jobs … and while we’re at it, ways to stop relying on pricey and arguably […]

2-Year For-Profits vs. Community Colleges: The U.S. Graduation Race’s Unlikely Victor

Call it selective stick-to-itiveness, or a puzzling paradox of the Hare defeating the Tortoise. The mega-data is now in: Students enrolled in our nation’s two-year for-profit private schools make it to the finish line – […]

Want a Steady Job? Stay in School

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this chart from the Bureau of Labor statistics speaks for itself. Earning a degree doesn’t just mean a bigger pay check; it is key to having steady […]

50 Shades of Pinkification: How Toys Define Girls’ Future Careers

As if Barbie didn’t already get enough flak for sullying the body images of millions of impressionable American girls, she’s now become yet another cultural culprit: Of girls’ career self-images. Those mile-long pins, unattainably waifish waist, […]

To Give Your Baby the Gift of Gab, Invest in Thyself

If you’ve ever spent hours teaching your baby to sign “more” or felt overjoyed when Junior’s babbles finally become “mommy” or “daddy”, then you understand the importance of language. But there is another factor to […]

Michigan Joins the Fleet of Race-Blind College Admissions

The world’s biggest melting pot just got a little less so – on the college campuses of Michigan, that is.   Sixty years after the landmark Brown v. Board of Education made history, the race-and-education intersection encountered […]

Childcare: The Unlikely Secret Sauce to Boost 4-Year Minority Graduation Rates?

One by one, states are abandoning the gospel of affirmative action. Michigan was the latest to go “race-blind” on campuses, with the Supreme Court ruling last week that Michigan voters had the right to change their […]

When Your Child’s Daycare Costs More Than Your Own Tuition

What makes new parents sweat more than a pending college tuition bill? It’s not that posh Peg Perego pop-up stroller. Nor is it a diamond-encrusted pacifier, or a Gucci diaper bag.   No matter what […]

To Lean In, We Must Bring Back Our Girls’ Education

What can the kidnappings of 230 Nigerian girls tell us about the state of our own country’s education? While of course comparably better (not to mention safer), it’s still illuminating to take a cold, hard […]

New Regulation Caps Student Loan Repayment Amounts

A new executive order could make it easier for many students to pay back their student loans. President Obama has announced the order, which is an expansion of a 2010 program, which is geared toward […]