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Student-Parent Child Care Resources

One of the biggest roadblocks for parents going back to school is child care. As a matter of fact, less than 2% of parents who have children before 18 have earned a college degree by the time they are 30. Parents of young children simply cannot attend classes without a safe place to leave their children and often times that safe place costs a pretty penny. At Degree Solutions we know what challenges parents face so we look for solutions to help you get back in school and earn that degree that will change not only your future, but the future of you children too.

Life doesn’t always follow a road map and just because you had children before you finished your degree doesn’t mean you can’t go back. You won’t be alone in your endeavor either. In fact, 23% of all college students in the United States have dependent children.

Student Parents

Parent students face incredible demands on their time. Not only are they raising a child and attending classes, but most of them need to work to be able to support themselves and their family. The average parent works nearly 30 hours a week while non-parent students put in just over 20 hours. Often times young parents are single and are the only income for the family.

Over 75% of single student-parents are low income. There is good news though; parent students are nearly twice as likely to get Federal Pell grants (financial aid that doesn’t have to be paid back) with 43% of parents qualifying and only 23% of non-parents qualifying. Even in the face of all external pressures, students with children have higher GPA’s than non-parent students.

College Support

Colleges know the kind of pressures that face parents trying to go to school and many offer support to their students in the way of scholarships, grants, subsidized child care, lactation rooms, family housing and counseling. Nearly 47% of community colleges provide on-campus child care and that number is even higher among universities. To find a college in your area that provides child care, use the form on the left of this page.

Government Support

Colleges aren’t the only place to find support if you’re thinking about going back to school. There are funds the government sets aside to help low-income parents pay for child care while they attend career training or college classes. You can find more information about what you may be able to qualify by talking to the financial aid office at your college, or contacting your state employment services.

Long lasting effects

Not only will earning a degree qualify you for higher paying careers, it will also change the life of your child. Showing your children that you value education will impact your child throughout his life. Children of college educated parents are 55% more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher which will prepare them for a lifetime of higher earning potential.

Stop making excuses for why you can’t go back to school and start seeking out the resources you need to help accomplish your goal. It may be hard, but the struggle will be worth it for both you and your child.

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