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Best Work From Home Jobs

Want to join the emerging “work from home professional” class? Yes, there is a professional “work from home” class.  Often, these individuals are the best in their industry, or they have one of the following skills that are perfect for working from home:




Creative Acumen (Illustration, Song Writing, Video Production)

Language Translation



This man’s kids are upset and horrified that their dad can check Tik-Tok at work.

Work from home jobs are very diverse and some require specialization, licensure, a bachelor’s degree, or certification while others are more flexible in their entry level requirements. All successful home-based professionals have a strong work-ethic, self-motivation, and cherish independence. 

Believe it or not, earning an online degree from an accredited online college provides students with a unique perspective on connections and interactions using technology.

Another hidden benefit, according to some employment experts, is online schools are viewed as unofficial “work from home prep schools”.  Students that attend 100% online programs are far more disciplined and motivated than their campus-based peers.

As working from home becomes mainstream, we have listed 15 home-based careers based upon a combination of salary, satisfaction and flexibility.  Income data is sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, and

1. Software Programmer
Average Annual Salary: $104,4081

Software programmers write, test, and revise instructions in computer code to allow computer programs, including software and apps, to operate. They are experts at reviewing computer code in various specialized languages and revising it to remove operating bugs when needed. Often, software programmers translate designs by developers and engineers, expand on the code of existing programs, or update older codes into new languages. Software programmers are in great demand and are employed in a wide range of industries ranging from e-commerce to education and from communications to entertainment. Many software programmers also work in related fields, such as database development and program design.

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2. Internet Security Analyst
Average Annual Salary: $102,4702

Internet security analysts (sometimes called cyber security or information security analysts) plan, carry out, and modify the security protocols used by companies, organizations, and government agencies to protect their computer networks, systems, and equipment. Their work requires evaluating existing systems and programs by attempting to hack or disrupt them, and then providing clients with the best solutions for resolving the flaws that their research uncovers. Internet security analysts are employed across many different industries and because so much commerce now occurs online, the field is one that has tremendous growth opportunities. Working as an internet security analyst can also lead to careers in law enforcement at the local, state, or federal level.

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3. Accountant
Average Annual Salary: $78,8203

Accounts prepare, examine, and maintain financial records for companies, organizations, and individuals. They ensure that those records are accurate and complete, that taxes are paid on time and in full, and that all expenses and revenues are fully and accurately reconciled. Often accountants are tasked with auditing the financial records of an entity in order to help it run more efficiently and effectively, identify problems, and develop strategies for future needs. Because their talents are so important to the success of businesses and maintaining compliance with law, accountants can find employment across a wide range of industries and in commercial establishments of all sizes, as well as with nonprofit organizations or individuals in need of financial management assistance.

Learn More About Financial Management Degrees

4. Animator
Average Annual Salary: $78,2301

Animators are visual artists who use graphic illustrating skills and often computer-based animation tools to make sequences of images that, when played in rapid sequence, create the illusion of movement. Animators must not only have expertise in particular kinds of illustrating software and a talent for visual arts, they must be able to collaborate with writers, sound artists, and other members of a production team in order to interpret scripts and storyboards into a final product. They must understand how to tell a story through visual means, and how to appeal to their client’s target audience and its tastes. Animators are often employed film companies, video game makers, and publishers of online content. Many have a background in manual drawing, painting, or other forms of the material visual arts, but some enter the field entirely with a background in computer drawing only.

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5. Editor
Average Annual Salary: $69,4801

Editors are responsible for planning, revising, and coordinating text for publication in books, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, websites, and other media. Some editors focus on proposing, reviewing, and evaluating stories and story ideas. Others work on text that has already been written by an author, proposing revisions, proofreading, copy-editing, or otherwise helping to make the work more suitable for the particular publication and its readers. Editors must have a strong command of written language—both its technical aspects and its aesthetics—as well as an understanding of the needs of writers, publishers, and diverse groups of readers. They should also have familiarity with the business-side of publishing and how the industry works in general.

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6. Public Relations Specialist
Average Annual Salary: $68,4402

A public relations specialist devises, creates, and curates a positive public image for a person, organization, agency, or company. Their work involves crafting and distributing press releases, cultivating social media presence, and developing and articulating brand identity in order to shape the public’s perception of their client and their client’s value. Some public relations specialists focus on one particular medium—such as print media, broadcast, or digital presences—but others are more holistic and represent their client’s interests across a wide range of venues. Being a public relations specialist means staying on top of the latest trends and news, understanding how different forms of media can be drawn upon for cross-platform messaging, and being able to read and effectively analyze the needs and wants of a client’s target audience.

7. Real Estate Agent
Average Annual Salary: $61,7203

A real estate agent helps people buy, sell, rent, or manage properties. Some specialize in residential property and others in commercial property, while many have portfolios that include both. Real estate agents are experts in networking, marketing, and negotiating, but they must also have a strong grasp of other kinds of specialized knowledge as well, including zoning laws, real estate law and financing, property maintenance and assessment, and local market conditions. Their work involves listing and showing properties, meeting with clients, and managing paperwork and documentation. Because most real estate agents are paid based on a commission of their sales, the income earned by a real estate agent can vary and fluctuate depending on the nature of the stock on the market and the relationship between supply and demand at any given time.

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8. Grant Writer
Average Annual Salary: $61,6103

Grant writers research, write, revise, submit, and manage funding requests for nonprofit organizations and charities, such as social service providers, healthcare operators, universities, and arts producers. To be effective, grant writers must understand exactly what their client does and why it is important, as well as the many different potential underwriters, grantors, and other funders whose priorities are potentially aligned with the mission and programming of their client. Being a grant writer is a rewarding way to help sustain and contribute to the development of groups doing important work for society. Grant writers are often paid as a percentage of the grant amount that they secure, so the actual pay for grant writers can vary considerably.

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9. Product Reviewer
Average Annual Salary: $57,5001

Product reviewers are hired by marketing firms and corporations to test new products or updated versions of existing products before they launch to the general public. This allows the manufacturers or sellers to obtain important feedback on what works and what does not work in a product’s design before it becomes widely available. Product reviewers must be knowledgeable in the particular field or industry in which they work, be familiar with its safety regulations and requirements, and understand its typical consumers and what they want. Also, because many product reviewers are asked to analyze and evaluate products or services before they become generally available, they also must possess a sense of discretion and confidentiality necessary to keep a company’s proprietary information from being public knowledge. One of the ancillary benefits of being a product reviewer is that they often get to keep the products that they test.

10. Translator or Interpreter

Average Annual Salary: $55,2302

A translator or interpreter is someone who converts the written, spoken, or gestural words of one language into the signs of another language. They are often employed by government agencies, courts and law enforcement, universities, schools, corporations, and non-governmental organizations that work with global or immigrant populations. Their work requires both fluency with more than one language and an understanding of how the art of translation works, as well as a fair amount of communication skills, empathy, and critical, active listening. Some translators specialize in just one language or one particular professional context (for example, family law courts, immigration courts, live theater performances, etc.), but others are multi-lingual or flexible enough to work in a wide range of settings.

11. Graphic Designer

Average Annual Salary: $54,6803

A graphic designer creates the visual concepts for any number of publications or products. Their role is to use the principles of visual artistry, aesthetics, design, and technology to communicate through imagery and layout ideas that inform, engage, and activate consumers, readers, and others. Graphic designers understand how the appearance of a word or image can shape the way consumers respond to it, and thus they understand the relationship between form and content. They are often employed by publishers, media companies, public relations firms, and others whose work involves effective communication. To be a graphic designer, one must have both an eye and mind for visual design and a firm understanding of the tools used in the trade, including specialized computer software programs.

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12. Event Planner
Average Annual Salary: $53,7302

An event planner organizes and manages large gatherings of people for meetings, celebrations, and other functions. They handle venue booking, supply and furniture rentals, decorations and design, entertainment, catering, logistics, budgeting, and scheduling. The job requires a precise sense of organization, thorough knowledge of the industry and its regulations, familiarity with local vendors, artists, contractors, and service providers, and a sense of the aesthetics of performance and presentation. Some event planners specialize in particular kinds of gatherings—such as business meetings, weddings, and so forth—while others generalize and provide their services to any kind of function.

If you can plan a great event in age of social distancing, the sky is the limit.

13. Social Media Manager

Average Annual Salary: $50,0001

A social media manager plans, directs, and carries out the marketing strategy for a company, organization, or agency across online social media networks. They are responsible for developing their client’s social media presence and branding, cultivating and building its following online, creating original content that is consistent with the client’s needs, market, and identity, and compiling and evaluating social media campaigns. Being a social media manager requires an understanding of the arts of digital communication, the ways in which certain content becomes viral online, how many different kinds of social media sites and apps work, and a thorough familiarity with the client, its customers or followers, and its target audience.

Free Social Media Management Courses

14. Tax Preparer
Average Annual Salary: $46,8601

A tax preparer is a specially trained accountancy professional who is qualified and certified to calculate, file, and notarize income tax returns on behalf an individual, business, or organization. They are legally permitted to represent their client in the event of a tax authority audit or examination, and they have a fiduciary responsibility to always put the interests of their client before their own. Being a tax preparer involves expertise in tax law, a good sense of ethics, skill with complicated mathematics, the ability to explain complex ideas to laypeople, and, because many people find taxes frustrating and emotionally exhausting, a capacity for empathy.

DJ Khaled found taxes exhausting too..

15. Transcriptionist
Average Annual Salary: $36,3501

A transcriptionist is a professional typist whose converts live or recorded audio into a written text format for publication, distribution, or record-keeping purposes. They are often employed by corporations, doctors and healthcare facilities, and courts, lawyers, and law enforcement. Being a transcriptionist requires the ability to type quickly, accurately, and with high efficiency. Transcriptionists must adhere to strict deadlines and have expert knowledge of grammar, syntax, punctuation, and other aspects of the mechanics of written language.

Find Transcription Training Courses

We understand that the living in today’s COVID economy is stressful, frustrating and quite frankly annoying. With that said, a sense of humor, positive attitude and genuine care for fellow human beings are absolute musts if you want to join the Professional Work From Home class.

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