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Best Degrees for Students over 40

These days, many individuals have decided to go back to school so that they can obtain a well-paying job or work in a field they find exciting, philanthropic, or personally fulfilling. Irrespective of your reason for going back to school, you may be interested in attaining information regarding which degree programs would be most advantageous for you to pursue. At this historical moment, research indicates that the fields of personal care, social assistance, health care, and construction are particularly promising. Read on to learn about various degree programs within these sectors:


1. Nursing


Research studies indicate that registered nurses are currently in great demand. In fact, jobs within the nursing sector are growing at a rate of 30% each year. In addition to carrying the weight of job security, the average annual salary within this sector is $72,000 to $79,700. To work as a nurse, individuals will need to obtain a bachelor’s of science in nursing. Other options include the completion of an approved nursing program or an associate’s degree in the field. Individuals who find themselves juggling a wide range of social, domestic, or vocational responsibilities will like the fact that nursing programs tend to afford individuals scheduling flexibility.


2. Computer Programming


Another degree program that you may want to consider completing is that of computer programming. The field provides individuals with a wide range of job types, including but not limited to web development, computer programming, and computer systems analysis. Note that computer systems analysts are currently in high demand. In fact, the growth rate for the field is currently 11%. The average annual salary is equally promising. Specifically, individuals who work as computer systems analysts generally make from $83,200 to $100,000. Typically, those who work as programmers obtain undergraduate degrees in computer science. However, some individuals have attained and maintained great jobs after completing their associate degree. Individuals who are wary of the traditional, in-house manner of working may be excited about the fact that some computer programmers are able to work from home.


3. Dental Hygienist


Another degree program you might be interested in is that of a dental hygienist. Hygienists teach individuals how to care for their teeth. They also clean teeth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average annual salary for individuals who work in this sector is $68,250 a year. The salary is particularly impressive given that the majority of hygienists enjoy both flexible scheduling and part-time work. Also, note that the field is growing at a rate of 38% each year. To work in the field, you should earn your associate’s degree.


4. Pharmacology


If you’re serious about pursuing a degree that will give you a great economic future while also providing you with opportunities to grow vocationally, consider pharmacology. Because the need for pharmacists is currently growing at a rate of 25% annually, working in this field can increase your likelihood of maintaining your job stability. The salary is promising, too. In fact, the average yearly earnings for a pharmacist are $111,570. Note that if you choose this career path, you will be in school for a while. Specifically, pharmacists must complete both several years of undergraduate study and a three or four-year doctorate program.


Online Education


If you’re ready to pursue your degree now, remember to consider the value of earning your education online. Choosing this path means that you’ll be able to review the material when it is convenient for you rather than being required to show up in a physical classroom at specific times. Another great benefit of online education is that it can increase your proficiency with various forms of technology and the internet. These are transferable skills that future employers will likely smile at.


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People who are serious about earning their degrees should know that now is the time to start taking steps in the right direction. Review the information outlined above to get on track to finding a degree program that will help you lead the productive, progressive life you deserve to have.

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