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  • Habits of College-Focused Teens

    A new report from the National School Boards Association examines information about the 12 percent of high school graduates who don’t enroll in college by age 26. By looking at the habits of individuals who didn’t go enroll in college, parents are able to focus on which behaviors to encourage and which to avoid in order…

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  • Get it Together: What you need to Complete the FASFA

    In order to qualify for any sort of government aid will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  This document will help the government better understand your financial situation and help them determine which type of financial assistance you qualify, and for what amount.  The application may even make you eligible for…

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  • The Rise of the Non-traditional Student

    Statistics show an enormous rise in the proportion of “non-traditional” students on our nation’s college campuses in recent years. Non-traditional students now make up the majority of the nation’s undergraduates, and this demographic among university students is only increasing in prominence. The rise of the non-traditional student has naturally revolutionized access to university-level education in…

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  • Scholarships for Women

    Whether you are just starting an undergraduate degree or finishing a master’s program, scholarships are available to help women finance the cost of college. Scholarships are offered in a variety of fields including science, engineering, and business. Most scholarship programs require students to be a U.S citizen, demonstrate academic excellence, and be enrolled as a…

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  • Finding Scholarships for Allied Health Professionals

    There are many people who would like to pursue a career in an allied health field but lack the funds available for tuition. While there are many loan programs available, other students choose to find ways to finance their education by using free money. There is a wide range of scholarships available for those who…

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