Meet The Team

Chris Scanlon- CEO

Bachelor of Science in Business - Utah Valley University

"I have long been an advocate for education and its role and importance in our society and economy.  By the time I had graduated from college I had been blessed to have sold 3 companies I started from scratch.  I did not need a degree for my career but I felt it was critical that my children saw how important an education is, and not just a degree.  Knowledge is power and it lifts us up from our current circumstances to a better place.  Being part of the solution for other adults to receive their education has been immensely rewarding.  Their lives have been changed as they learn and their confidence of who they are grows.  Degree Solutions is the premiere source for working adults to discover what options are available to them so they can achieve their higher education goals.  This is rewarding beyond measure and each day holds the promise of progress and a better life for each of us as we continue to learn and expand our abilities and intellectual capacities."

Terrence Thomas- COO

BA Economics -CSU Sacramento

MBA - Marketing Arizona State University

"I like to fancy myself as an evangelist for education.  Education has played a pivotal role in improving my life and I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to inspire adults to improve their lives through education.  I caught the inspiration bug when I was a Naval ROTC instructor at Prairie View A&M. In addition to teaching, I had a collateral duty of recruiting students for the Naval ROTC program. The greatest feeling I had was when I told parents of first generation college students that their child earned a ROTC scholarship.  Now through Degree Solutions, we are inspiring first generation college students and their parents to attend college.  This is very rewarding!"

Daniel Holley- Director of Design

Fine Arts Major- Brigham Young University

“Coming from a long line of educators and scholars, I feel that education is the best way for a person to truly explore their interests and achieve their personal goals. Education not only raises the quality of life, but it also empowers people by making them feel more competent and fulfilled.”